Self Catering


While we encourage all food on campus to be procured through the single source catering model, since program participation benefits our community, we understand that there are times when you may need to bring food to campus from another source.

  • It is acceptable to bring food onto campus in support of events in HGSE classrooms and meeting rooms if the total retail value of the product is less than $100 all day.
  • It is not acceptable to bring food onto campus in support of events into event spaces.
  • It is acceptable to bring food into private offices or private conference rooms in support of private activities.
  • Due to food safety and liability concerns “Pot-Lucks” are not allowed to be held in event spaces, meeting spaces or classrooms.
  • Alcohol can-not be provided by anyone aside from the single source caterer.
  • Please consider the environment, compostable "Green" setup can be provided through our single source caterer at a per person cost to help support your event.

If your event food and beverage falls within the self-catering policy, it is the group’s responsibility to clean up the space and properly dispose of all trash from the event. Do not leave a mess for the following group. Should you need assistance disposing of bulky items, please contact the Event Operations Team.