Green Team Timeline

  • 2013: 5th annual freecycle in the Commons at Gutman Library (88% of items freecycled)
  • 2012: 4th annual freecycle in the Commons at Gutman Library (89% of items freecycled)
  • 2012: With the opening of the new café, the Commons at Gutman Library, we began composting in the front of house
  • 2011: 3rd annual freecycle in Conroy Commons (83% of items freecycled)
  • 2010: Began back of house composting in campus support kitchens
  • 2010: 2nd annual freecycle in Conroy Commons (79% of items freecycled)
  • 2009: 1st freecyle event in Conroy Commons (80% of items freecycled)
  • 2008: GHG reduction goal announced
  • 2006: HGSE Green Team is founded

Construction Project Timeline

HGSE has completed four LEED Certified projects to date: 

  • Projected 2014: Longfellow Renovation Project (aiming for LEED Gold)
  • 2012: Gutman Library Renovation Project (LEED CI Platinum)
  • 2009: Larsen Leadership Classroom Renovation Project (LEED CI Platinum) 
  • 2007: Larsen Classroom Renovation (LEED CI Gold )         
  • 2007: Longfellow Basement Renovation (LEED CI Silver)