Catering Policies

Single Source Catering

The single source catering program was developed to help our community get the most competitive catering pricing and ensure consistent service and food quality for all community events.

Benefits of Single Source Catering

  • Our collective volume can be leveraged to provide the most competitive pricing.
  • Consistent service and food quality for all community events can be ensured.
  • A more secure campus environment can be provided by limiting open access to a single known vendor.
  • Proper liability coverage can be provided for all events where alcohol is served.
  • We can work with a single vendor to provide better “green” options for our community.
    • HGSE Green Team cup program
    • Operations to provide “green” setup for each event
  • Quality café service and food quality.

HGSE Green Products (.pdf 54 KB)


All events that must comply with the HGSE Single Source Catering Model:

  • All events held in HGSE event space (Gutman Conference Center, Eliot Lyman, Library Gallery Area, Garden Room, Library Special Collections Area, Askwith Hall, and Campus Outdoor Spaces)
  • All events on campus where alcohol is served
  • All catered “drop off” events held in public HGSE space (Classrooms and Conference Rooms)


While we encourage all food on campus to be procured through the single source catering model, since program participation benefits our community, we understand that there are times when you may need to bring food to campus from another source.

  • It is acceptable to bring food and non alcoholic beverages onto campus in support of events in public spaces (Classrooms and Conference Rooms) if the total value of the food is less than $100
  • $100 rule does not apply to event spaces or campus outdoor spaces
  • It is acceptable to bring food and non alcoholic beverages into private offices or private conference rooms in support of private activities
  • When supporting an event under the exception claurse please checl the appropriate box in EMS so setup arrangements can be coordinate


Urgent catering questions or concerns can be directed to Michael Goodwin, General Manager, Rebecca’s Café and Catering at 5-3773.