Cheng Yu Tung Education Innovation Studio

The Cheng Yu Tung Education Innovation Studio is a hands-on space for designing and tinkering, giving HGSE students and faculty the chance to invent and experiment with new kinds of educational experiences and technologies, and to explore the maker-based approaches now becoming common across all levels of education.

The available equipment includes hand tools, laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics workstations, and a sewing machine.  Materials such as plywood, acrylic, and electronic components will be supplied to HGSE students, and there is a small library of beginner-level books on electronics, Arduino, wearable electronics, tools and other topics.

Everyone interested in using the space must complete a general orientation and safety training which grants them access to the studio and use of basic tools.  Additional training is then available on the use of advanced equipment. 


Marc Raila, Cheng Yu Tung EIS Administrator