Moves & Office Improvements

Operations supports office renovations which entail temporarily moving out of a space, and on campus moves.

Support includes meeting with you to determine the scope and working with you to develop a plan. Single occupant moves are typically simple but do require proper planning. While larger moves require more planning and it is best for Operations to work with one or two point people within the group or department. Oftentimes moves require phone moves, updates, and changes, and key/access considerations. Operations helps oversee the entire process, including coordination with IT regarding computer and equipment disconnection and reconnection. If special technology requests are necessary for your move, you should work with IT directly; Operations and IT will then coordinate with one another regarding the logistics and impact on the space/move.  

For an overview of what a typical move looks like please see the Move Overview PDF file below.  Please note certain topics may, or may not, apply to your move.

To request a move please submit this form.  Certain lead times may impact the timeline such as ordering new furniture and equipment, and/or phone moves, etc.


Move Overview (.pdf 369 KB)