Green House Gas Reduction Goal

Green House Gas (GHG) Reduction Goal

In 2008 Harvard President Drew Faust announced the university wide GHG reduction goalto reduce Harvard's GHG emissions by 30 percent (inclusive of growth) by FY16The most recent calculations through FY13 puts HGSE at a 21 percent reduction of our GHG footprint (inclusive of growth). A number of factors contribute to our GHG footprint as a school. Some of the initiatives that we pursue to reduce our impact include:

  • Construction Projects
  • Adhering to the Harvard University Temperature Policy
    • Scheduling set backs during slow periods, especially breaks
  • Promoting occupant engagement and educating our community through events and Green Team initiatives 
  • Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) - Often part of larger construction projects
    • LED lighting
    • New HVAC systems
  • Growth
    • New buildings, new leases
    • Intensity of use in existing spaces