Current Initiatives

Filtered Water Stations

December 2017

New filtered water stations have been added to Larsen Hall.  With this addition, the campus now offers filtered water on at least every floor of our three main campus buildings. With this upgrade we can feel good about no longer contributing to the plastics required to supply Poland spring receptacles, thereby reducing our carbon foot print.

HGSE Operations is dedicated to reducing their use of disposables by using filtered water and reusable glassware.

  • It is estimated that actually 3 liters of water is use dto package 1 liter of bottled water
  • US Landfills are overflowing with 2 million tons of discarded water bottles alone
  • Plastic water bottles are petroleum based. In the US alone, it takes 1.5 million barrels of oil to meet the demands.

Looking Ahead to Future Campaigns

Looking Back at Recent Campaigns

May 2014 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink!

  • Freecycle Collection: During the last two weeks of May the Green Team put out a donation bin to collect freecycle items to catch the graduating students on the way out and give staff and faculty an opportunity to donate. Don't forget about our year round collection too. 
  • Greening Commencement: Whenever possible composting was a focus for catered events. Rather than have individually wrapped granola bars during breakfast TOC ordered homemade bars cutting down on waste.
  • Recycling Highlights: The monthly email highlighted uncommon items (electronic waste, ink/toner cartridges, etc.) letting the community know we have options at HGSE. Other highlights included off campus move out tips, and Harvard-wide resources for reusing/recycling.

Earth Month - April 2014

  • April 17: Free Bike “Check-Ups” by Quad Bikes for all community members and sustainable snacks from Gutman Café.
  • April 18 & 21: Folks visited the Green Team table in Gutman lobby on Friday and Monday before Earth Day, April 22, to learn all about sustainability at HGSE, test out their recycling and composting knowledge by playing the “Trash Sorting Game,” and participate in the Green Your Scene “snapshot.” Our raffle prize winner for participating at the Green Team table was Sean Arthurs! Congrats Sean – and we hope you and your friends enjoy the complementary PIZZA PARTY!
  •  April 21-25: Earth Week!

Water Awareness - March 2014

Green Office - February 2014

  • Operations becomes the first Green Office at HGSE (leaf 2)
  • The Green Team developed resources that are school-specific within the frame work of the Office for Sustainability's program

Construction Projects

Currently the Longfellow Renovation Project is underway and per Harvard’s Green Building Standards is slated to meet LEED certifications.