HGSE Sustainability Fellows


Climate Refugees: What this Means for Educators and Policy Makers – Thursday, April 21

HGSE Sustainability Fellow Cecelia Di Mino is thrilled to be co-hosting Enrique Morones with Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Comunidad Latinx and Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy’s Latinx Caucus! Cecelia met Enrique while working on the frontlines of the Southern Border Humanitarian Crisis. Enrique has devoted 40+ years to advocating humane immigration practices. With the rising threat of climate change, it’s imperative America leads a global shift to a more humane, sustainable world. She hopes to see you there, with love.

Zoom recording: https://harvard.zoom.us/rec/share/q8Nn_yzIX-bNGtwpZAAH5vAt0X74nk1BedEzjFy2nh-ZHLrrnZmYBKaOcA5vNtyn.9L7n1WPE_4qYrnR4

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